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3 Top Must See San Antonio Attractions

PictureSan Antonio Riverwalk
When you visit the San Antonio Riverwalk you will be introduced to the charm of the city.  With it's winding walks along the banks of the San Antonio River,  enjoy the fabulous restaurants, enticing shops, the remarkable museums and the incredible friendly people of San Antonio.

You will not want to miss a boat ride on the river, it is a guided tour of the history and delights of the river.  You are in the heart of the city and by spending some time there you will discover the heart of Texas.

SeaWorld, San Antonio -  Situated on 250 acres they offer over 1,000,000 tons of fun.  You have to catch the Shamu as he is the star of the park.  But, do not think that that is all there is there to see.  They have rides, a bunch of other shows, exhibits and even animal tours.  They have sharks, penguins, dolphins and too much more to list here.  It is a must see for the kids yet, the adults will have just as much fun.
PictureThe Alamo
Remember The Alamo.  That is one of the most famous lines in the history of Texas.  After you visit The Alamo it will be your too.  You will be intrigued by the history of the structure.  You will be able to see and feel what the Texas Revolutionaries went through during their 13-day battle with the Mexican Army.  Feel the bullet holes in the walls.  See the cannons they used.  You will almost be able to hear the sounds of battle.      

It is a piece of history that everyone should see.

PictureTower of the Americas
If you want to see how big and beautiful San Antonio is you need to visit
the Tower of the Americas.

You will get a breathtaking view from atop the 750-foot tall tower that was
built for the 1968 World's Fair in San Antonio, know as the Hemisfair.

First stop has to be the Observation Deck at the top.  You will be able to see
miles and miles.  Bring quarters because the have telescopes to give you even
a better view.

They also offer a world class restaurant that rotates.  It takes 1 hour to make a
full rotation.  It gives you a gorgeous view of the entire city.